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There are many different types the tech different in historical invention and the application, as well as by the type the problem they solve.
types the tech include mechanical tech, medical tech, communications tech, electronic tech, and the industrial and the manufacturing technologies.
tough these different types the tech all serve different purposes, range in design, and the are applied in different ways, they all have one thing in common: they all solve a problem.

mechanical technical tech is one the simplest forms the tech, both in its application and the in its design.
mechanical tech is the use simple machines to solve problems.
this includes the use the pulleys, levers, wheels and the exes,wedges,inclined planes, and the even cogs and the gears.
mechanical tech is used for any task that involves doing mechanical work, which is primarily the motion the objects.
Any machine, generator, or tool used to do work uses mechanical tech.

though mechanical tech is simple, it has allowed for extremely important advancements in the human experiences.
Early humans using the wheel allowed for the transpiration heavy material to be faster and the easier.
the first wheel was found in India saw the invention and the is thought to be used as a porter’s wheel to throw clay pots.
ancient Egypt and the India saw the inventions the shad, a hand the operated lever and the fulcrum used to lift water so irrigate crops.
ancient Greek philosopher Archimedes was the first to record simple machines,including pulleys, levers, and the mechanical principles were used in the power factories.
in modern times, mechanical tech is employed to accomplish all sorts the engineering task,such as running our cars, lifting heavy objects, and the transporting goods.

science encompasses the systematic study the structure and the behavior the physical and the natural world through observation and the experiment, and the tech is the application the scientific knowledge for piratical purposes.

our coverage comprises authoritative, highly accessible information on the very latest terminology, concepts, theories, techniques, people, and the organizations relating to all areas the science and the tech from astronomy engineering, biology, and the psychology.

I wish that everyone understood the scientific method, ant the in particular the unique importance the controlled experiment as a method the scientific discovery.
children should be taught at school what an experiment is and the why it undoubtedly controlled experimentation, not because it is more objective or precise than other methods, but because it is uniquely capable the providing evidence the causal effects.

in psychological experiments, extraneous variables can seldom be controlled directly, partly because people differ from one another in ways that affect their behavior.
you may think it’s impossible to control for all individual differences and the other extraneous variables, but in fact there is a remarkable solution to this problem.

in 1926, the British statistician Ronald fisher discovered a powerful method the control called rand the itemization.
by assigning subjects or participants to an experimental group and the a control group strictly at rand the them.
and the then treating the two groups identically apart from the manipulated independent variable [applied to the experimental group only an experimenter cam control, at a single stroke, for all individual differences and the other extraneous variables, including ones that no one has even considered.
rand the randomization does not guarantee that the two groups will be identical but rather that any differences between the groups will follow precisely he known laws the probability.

This explains the purpose and the function the statistical significance tests in psychology.
for any observed difference, a significance test enables a researcher to calculate the probability that a difference at least as large difference under hypothesis is sufficiently small [by convection, usually less Han 5 percent, then written then it is reasonable to conclude that the observed difference is probably not due to chance, and the if it is not due to chance, then it must be due to the independent variable, because all other variables that could explain it have been controlled by rand the itemization.

if this immensely powerfully idea were more widely understood, then people would be less vulnerable to illusory correlation, more skeptical about merely anecdotal evidence- the subject-matter the psychology- can be understood and the explained exclusively in terms the neural mechanisms.
it is sustained by the increasingly popular doctrine that neuroscience can in that is has already replaced traditional psychology, that is already replacing traditional psychology, or [in its strongest forms that behavior and the mental experiences are closely correlated with neural processes, especially in the brain; but locating a mechanism in the brain does not amount to explaining the associated psychological phenom, as ic an easily show with a experiential thought experiment and the an example from nature.

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